Missions Conference 2023 | God's Last Command, Our First Priority
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Sports & Missions | 运动与宣教

For the longest time, sports has always been something that unites people, across all ages, cultures and backgrounds. And it’s the same with missions! Sports is something that can help us connect with people of all ages, from young children to youth to even the adults! But, how do we connect doing sports and sharing the Gospel with people? This workshop will give us more insight as to how sports and missions can be very much connected and if used intentionally and correctly, can be a very powerful tool for us to reach out to the lost.


Reaching Across Cultures | 跨越文化来分享福音

Konnichiwa! Ni hao! Salam sejahtera! As a church that believes in reaching cross-culturally across the nations, one of the common challenges faced is the language barrier. But, just because we may not speak the language, should it stop us from going for missions to a totally different culture and language? In this workshop, we hear and learn from different ones who have personal experience in breaching the language barrier when reaching out to someone who speaks a totally different language. How do we connect with a person even when we may not understand them and they may not understand us? Let’s gear up and get our engines revving to go for missions locally, as well as across the nations.

こんにちは (Konnichiwa)! 您好! Salam sejahtera! 作为一个积极在各个国家跨越种种文化来分享福音的教会,我们最常面对的挑战就是语言的障碍。但是,仅因为我们不善于某种语言,我们就不能前往一个跟自己文化和语言完全不一样的地方宣教吗?在这个工作坊里,我们将有机会聆听几位有亲身经历的讲员来分享,一起学习如何克服语言的鸿沟,把福音带给那些跟我们说完全不一样语言的人群。当我们或许不明白他人在讲什么,又或许他也不知道我们在说什么的时候,我们要如何跟他沟通呢?让我们预备好,被差遣到本地各个地区传福音,也要到海外去传扬上帝美好的消息!

Engaging The Orang Asli Community | 与原住民社群联系

Fun fact! If you didn’t know, the term “Orang Asli” refers to the indigenous people in Peninsular Malaysia and the Orang Asli make up about 250,000 people in Peninsular Malaysia. Over the years, Acts Church has always been involved, one way or another, with breaking ground and reaching the Orang Asli in different ways. Why? Because the Orang Asli are the native people of the land who God has placed in Malaysia for a reason, and they should not be excluded from hearing about Jesus. Join us, as we learn the different ways we can be involved in reaching out to the Orang Asli, individually and also as a community.

趣点!你是否知道,“Orang Asli” (即:原住民) 指的是在马来西亚半岛的土族,他们共有约二十五万人口。在过去这么多年以来,Acts 教会一直都参与把福音带给原住民的工作。为什么?这是因为原住民是上帝安置于马来西亚的本土居民,他们一定要有机会聆听耶稣的福音。来吧,一起发掘让自己和与社群一齐把福音带给原住民的种种方式。

Don’t Worry, Just Share! | 别担心,敢敢分享!

When we hear the word evangelism, our first reaction is usually “Oh I don’t know how to evangelise” or “I’m scared to evangelise”. There are many other reactions when evangelism is brought into the conversation and most of the time, it’s fear, and most of the time, it’s because we don’t know how to evangelise. In this workshop, we will learn practical and proactive ways to evangelise to people, and you don’t even need to think too far, just think of someone you see at the office or in school!

当我们听见 “传福音” 这三个字,我们的第一反应通常是 “哦,我不懂得如何传福音”, 或 “我很害怕去传福音”。此外,当我们提到 “传福音” 时,常见的其他反应也包括了恐惧。这是因为我们不知道要如何传福音。在这个工作坊中,我们将学习实用的方式,帮助我们主动向他人传福音 – 你甚至不用想得太遥远,他们或许就是你在办公室或学校常常见到的人!

Daniel Lee | Sports & Missions 运动与宣教

Daniel was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a.k.a. brittle bones disease and has experienced “countless” fractures throughout his life. Being involved in sports was something that was out of the realm of possibility for Daniel, until God called him into joining wheelchair marathons. Since then, he has completed multiple marathons, a 100km ultramarathon, and competed for Malaysia in the sport of sitting volleyball. However, the most important calling for Daniel was God’s call for him to be involved in the Christian sports ministry. Daniel is currently serving full time for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and using sports ministry as a way to reach out to the community for Jesus.

Daphne Eng, Shirley Wong 刘秀丽, Philemon Lau 刘辉明 | Reaching Across Cultures 跨越文化来分享福音

Daphne Eng hails from Subang Jaya and was born deaf in an all-hearing family.  She is married to her husband, Michael who is also deaf, and both of them have a 2 year old son, Matteo, who was born with hearing. Daphne has been in Acts Church since 2016 and started the Acts Church Deaf Ministry in 2021. To date, there are around 16 deaf fellow believers who are part of the ministry. Daphne works as a Leader of East and South East Asia for D.O.O.R (Deaf Opportunity Out Reach) International, focusing on evangelism. As part of her ministry, she is also a Deaf Interpreter, a church leader and an assistant leader in her Homes. In this workshop, Daphne hopes that people would understand and learn how to build a relationship, especially with deaf people, and to later on, lead them to believe in Christ.

Shirley Wong has been working with AYA (Asian Youth Ambassadors), a not-for-profit youth development organisation established in Malaysia, as the Administrator for the past 22 years. She has since organised many nation-building events for the betterment of young people, e.g. Revolution Tours & Conference, AYA Festival, AYA Awards. Shirley is known to be a down-to-earth, illustrative and dynamic speaker and coach. Besides serving as an Elder, she is also leading the Mandarin community in Acts Church, as well as serving as the Coordinator of Acts Mandarin SJ 8am. Shirley is multilingual; she enjoys learning new things and meeting new people!

在过去22年里,秀丽投身于 AYA (Asian Youth Ambassadors) “即:亚洲青年大使”,任行政人员一职。 这是一个创于马来西亚的非盈利机构,宗旨在于培育和建立青少年。自此,她筹办了许多造福青少年并建立国家的活动,例如  Revolution Tours & Conference, AYA Festival, AYA Awards。秀丽是一位和蔼可亲又活力蓬勃的讲员和教练。她的服事岗位除了长老一职,也包含了带领 Acts 教会的华语社群。此外,她也是带领 Acts Mandarin SJ 8am 植会的协调员。秀丽善于几种语言;她雀跃于学习新事物,也喜爱认识新朋友!

Philemon graduated from China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong, equipped with foundational theological training.  He also pastored The Church of God Hong Kong and Christian and Missionary Alliance Hong Kong from 1987 to 2003. Philemon has been actively involved in equipping the Christians, both in Hong Kong and China.


Ding Ying | Engaging The Orang Asli Community 与原住民社群联系

Ding Ying is a management consultant by profession and a follower of Christ by heart. She is a council member of Jubilee Ministry and is deeply involved in mobilising ordinary lay people to the Unreached People Groups (specifically the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia). By working together with full-time ministers, different teams from various churches are formed to go out into the mission field. Ding Ying believes tha tthe Lord has called us to stretch our faith and trust Him beyond our limited human mindset, for a transformation of our nation. Thus, we are to purposefully march forward, believing these days to be His strategic time for our land.

Jenny Ooi | Don't Worry, Just Share! 别担心,敢敢分享!

Jenny has filled many roles throughout her life but her greatest passion will always be to tell of God’s goodness to everyone. Jenny has had the opportunity to serve in the marketplace and with the East Malaysians in collaboration with different churches while still holding a Senior Vice President position and a CEO position in different companies. Currently, she also serves as a Haggai National Facilitator in Communication for Evangelism where she will also share with us how to “just share” with people around us through this workshop.